Eclipse = Marketing Opportunity

August 16, 2017
It’s an Eclipse, It’s a Marketing Opportunity


On Monday afternoon, the moon’s shadow takes center stage, blocking our view of the sun in a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse. The Great American Eclipse has a 67-mile wide path of totality across the continental US where those looking skyward see the entire sun blocked by the moon.
Whether or not you’ll view 100% totality or a smaller percentage of darkness, it’s bound to be an inspiring and enlightening experience. It’s also a marketing opportunity. Businesses have a variety of ways to tie some self-promotion to the eclipse:
— ISO-certified eclipse safety glasses are in short supply around here, but are available online. Invest in a quantity of the glasses, tie or tape a business card to each pair and distribute to clients, colleagues and friends. Add a personal note that you ‘”want to be sure they see the light of doing business with you.” If you can’t obtain glasses, Moon Pies, Eclipse chewing gum and Sun Chips serve the same purpose.
— In the DMV the moon will block about 80% of the sun. An 80% sale during eclipse day or week attracts folks to your office or store. Spread the word through print and online advertising that prices are 80% of their regular price.
— Does your office have a great view? The eclipse peaks about 2:30pm, EDT. Throw a late lunch party or early happy hour, and invite your clients, colleagues and staff. If you can’t see the eclipse directly, enjoy a group-view by watching on TV or online.
— Eateries and bars can tap into the cosmic phenomenon. Put a sunny-side-up egg on the bottom of a patty to create an eclipse burger. Add black truffles to mezzaluna pasta. Encircle an entree with black beans for an eclipse-inspired presentation. Cut a crescent out of a pizza, pancake or any round item to resemble your view of the eclipse.
— Be sure your playlist includes the right tunes: Van Morrison’s “Moondance,” Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” Cat Stevens’ “Moon Shadow,” Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” and The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” fit the bill.
— Everyone has eclipse mania, including your staff. Boost morale with a generous lunch policy, liberal leave or a half-day schedule that enables employees to view the eclipse. We know of a Tennessee factory that’s scheduled a mid-afternoon fire drill for its several hundred employees.

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The Great Quinter Eclipse Adventure
We’re excited to head to Hopkinsville KY to view the total eclipse. Hopkinsville is the point of greatest totality in the continental US. The city expects 100K-200K visitors to enjoy 2 minutes, 40 seconds of total darkness. Hopkinsville has been planning for its moment in the sun (or moon) for several years; they’ve rented out square footage in city parks for eclipse viewers, recorded a version of “Total Eclipse of the Hop”  and have a full schedule of special activities. Check out An event that we don’t want to miss is the annual Little Green Men Festival in nearby Kelly KY. It commemorates the 1955 landing of an alien spaceship. Coincidentally, our daughter Dess lives in Hopkinsville, we’ll enjoy a visit with her and our grandpups, too.
We’re also designated volunteer photographers for the citizen-science project, Eclipse 2017 Megamovie, and will be sharing photos and video with NBC4 Washington. We’ll be posting on Quinter Design’s Facebook page. Like us to follow our eclipse adventures:

Watch for our special eclipse discounts when we return on Friday, Aug. 25, something of cosmic proportions, like large-format banners and signs.

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